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Hong Tai Printing Co., Ltd.
Sími: +886-6-3841188
Fax: +886-6-3842610
heimilisfang: NO.26 Ka Ji 1st Rd., An Nan Dist., Tainan, Taiwan
Tengiliður: Wei-Chien Su, Ext.: 208
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Hong Tai Printing Co., Ltd. er einn af hinu virta framleiðendur, birgja og útflytjendur plast spil spila, með verksmiðju í Taiwan. Með margra ára reynslu í línu gera, við erum þekkt fyrir framúrskarandi árangur okkar í greininni. Við höfum hjálpað okkur eins og einn af leiðandi vörumerki í Taiwan. Við uppfæra stöðugt vörur okkar til að uppfylla alþjóðlega staðla. Við höldum hópur sérfræðinga, sem veitir um fæðingar tíma með mikilli quality.Our einlægni og vinnusemi hefur hjálpað okkur að passa gæði okkar með alþjóðlega staðla.

Established in 1977, Hong Tai Printing Company has over 30 years of research and production experience in the field of specialty printing. Our customer support has allowed us to increase our successful development in this highly diversified field. Our products are very well accepted and respected by our customers. They have an extremely good sales history in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and South East Asia. The United States, Canada, and many countries throughout Europe are also familiar with and use our products extensively.

The company is focused on producing high quality gifts and premium educational products from various plastics and polymers. The increased market for these products demanded that we increase our production capability. In 2005, we have moved off to a newly constructed factory and office located in the Kaji Industrial District in Tainan, Taiwan. Since the start of the specialty printing we have imported the advanced production equipments from Switzerland and Germany. As new technological advances become available, we upgrade the equipments which, in turn, allow us to maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly changing field.

At Hong Tai, workers are trained to supervise and to control the production process. They also are taught the concepts and practices of product quality control. We not only infuse our products with the traditional looks, but also provide our customers with the modern printing skills and the newer fashionable formats. Therefore, our products have a "personal touch." This innovative method allows us to focus on the beauty, quality, and constant improvement of our products. These well finished products have garnered the praise of the promotional departments from each big business. We have long been acknowledged for the clean appearance, novel design techniques, and specialty product designs. Moreover, we maintain the long-term, stable, cooperative relationship with our customers by coordinating OEM and ODM services.

Our company insists that innovative research and modernized manufacturing techniques are the basic, root principals in any progressive business. If we are to generate a dynamic market development, and continue to improve in the field of human resources training, we must continue to create high quality, highly valued products based on that research and those techniques.

Sincerity of commitment and the strength of character to produce a high quality product will continue to be the goal we will aim at. By using the most efficient methods available, working within the specialized field we have chosen, as well as striving to completely understand the idea of globalization, we are confident that we will continue to build on our strong foundation of managerial development and product advancement in order to meet the new challenges of an ever changing market. We’re confident that by doing this, we will be positioned to be a front runner in the future of Taiwan’s printing industry.

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